Ukrainian case endings

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"That is real genocide. Though recorded in 21st-century fashion through up.

May 18, 2023 · Like many developing countries, Bangladesh is more focused on climate change, ending poverty and securing investment than choosing geopolitical sides.

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How I took on the cases.

The grammatical case denoting "by means of", "through the agency of", "with".

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Russian na pervom etazhe ‘on the first floor’ is in the prepositional case.


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Ukrainian Grammar Tables Adjectives – Gender and Number in the Nominative Case In English adjectives are invariable but in Ukrainian, adjectives agree with the noun they describe in gender, number and case.


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Дорогі студенти! – Dear students! To practise the vocative go to Exercise 7.

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Even the rosiest of these possibilities—which we’ve dubbed the “Miracle on the Dnipro”—is fraught with danger.

If this is not your case, we recommend you our Basic Ukrainian Course.

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Reflexive verbs you should memorize.


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The following article presents detailed information about the usage of.

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Я кох а ю теб е! Whom do I love? — you.


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Lesson 5 Genitive of adjectives.


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Hey folks! Is there any reliable source of ukrainian case endings? I know there is dozens for the russian ones, but i can hardly find any good table for the different cases for UA.

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*In Ukrainian, a direct object is either in the accusative case or in the genitive.

In the tables below you can see the.

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2 days ago · The war in Ukraine will round the 15-month mark this week, with no end in sight, untold numbers of Ukrainian civilian casualties and troop fatalities on both sides, as well as ripple effects.

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May 18, 2023 · It was Catherine in partnership with her brilliant lover, co-ruler and secret husband, Prince Potemkin, who conquered Crimea in 1783 and south Ukraine 1787-91, founding the cities Sebastopol.

May 20, 2023 · Ukraine is at odds with its key U.

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From the «Ukrainian Spelling» of 1933 to its most recent edition in 2019, the prescription for the use of accusative case with the ending -a (-я) has a form of a note (or rather — an.

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Exercise 1.

К а ву is the Accusative case form of the noun к а ва (coffee).