Synonyms for draw attention to include bring out, display, emphasise, emphasize, enhance, highlight, set off, show to advantage, bring something home to someone and make someone realize"/>

To bring to attention synonym

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Perhaps I could advise you about 7. I wouldn't say one is particularly better or worse than the other.


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Number 2 is.

call to notice.

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think of.


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There are plenty of better ways we can use this phrase.

“If I could have” shows that you’re polite and respectful before asking for someone’s attention.

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FAQ; Pricing; Add to Chrome it's free; bring attention to.

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bring to one's notice.

call to mind.

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sit up and take notice.


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» would like to point out.


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Jake Sullivan, the national security adviser, confirmed the shift on Saturday morning in Hiroshima.

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#4 Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention.

I would like to point out 3.

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call up.

What does bring to attention expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.

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call to notice.

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How to use bring to someone's attention in a sentence.

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verbfocus attention on.

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call attention to.

address to.

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