Modern 80s albums

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The 80s was a time when artists from all different genres began to crossover together into a new modern sound.

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Modern Rock Covers of 80's Hits · Playlist · 205 songs · 1.

Modern Rock Covers of 80's Hits · Playlist · 205 songs · 1.

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Here are 15 ’80s-inspired albums from 2020 that Paste recommends.

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Nov 26, 2002 · Best 80s Modern Rock Album contains the usual hits from these types and more; it also has a few ringers thrown in, like Canuck synth-poppers Strange Advance and Doctor & the Medics' left-field cover of "Spirit in the Sky.

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80s Popular Albums.

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The 40 Most Underrated Albums of the 80s in My Collection.

Apr 16, 2018 · Kramer’s unusual mixes are still hard to place as either ’80s or ’90s, and that’s a feature of many of these dream pop records: sounds that you don’t identify with a particular year.

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, Smiths and Springsteen albums.

Stream songs including "Africa", "I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)" and.

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- The smoothness of this IM album still gives me chills.


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Jackie Mclean and Michael Carvin – ‘Antiquity’ (Steeplechase) Jamie XX: “It’s a jazz album from the early 70s that’s quite innovative, it has rhythms that could still be played out.


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The opening track of their mighty self-titled debut album raged with Old Testament fire and brimstone.

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You know the Big Four.

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The Beatles.

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Sep 9, 2021 · The Standout Songs: In terms of sheer quality, tones, textures, and diversity, So was a triumph in terms of its overarched styles and sounds.


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Contemporary Country • The Mid-'80s.

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This glorious synthwave.

On top of that, sophisti-pop bands were perfectionists in the studio who leveraged the era’s cutting-edge technology to create albums that were ideal for the high-fidelity stereo systems of the time.

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All the 80s favourite bands are here – A-Ha, Duran Duran, Madness, Roxette, The Pretenders, The Stranglers and many more.


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